Vitruvian Day 4

Vitruvian Experience Day 4

Our Story

Since our last release we’ve come a long way thanks to you all! Because of your support we’ve been able to get our music out nationally and beyond. We can’t say thank you enough, and we put a video together explaining some of the differences between putting out our last album vs. this one.

“We wanted this album to be the next evolution of the Veio sound.”


Pariahs – detestation, resentment, hostility

Pariahs is a song rooted in a major flaw in human existence… the willingness and often impulsive feeling to despise others who are not like us. Whether warranted or not, we can find ourselves in situations that fan the flames of unruliness instead of working towards resolutions and understanding. Oftentimes we dont even know this other person or situation well enough to be reacting to it but yet once blood is in the water, we cant help but to pounce through voice or keyboard, setting aside the fact that people are really not any different from one another.

We will be continuing our “writing Vitruvian” series up through the album release! Stay tuned

Dolos – deceit

The lyrics of this track center around deceit, deception, and lying tongues.  Often times we come across those who are willing to say anything and present themselves in a manner of untruthfulness to who they really are.  Many try to sell themselves as a better package than is true.  It is also very easy to manipulate situations and events through words to present matters in a way that sheds favorable light upon oneself whether truthful or not.  Dolos, in greek mythology, is the spirit of trickery and guile and a master at cunning deception.


PARIAHSAs your love becomes anesthetized and numbClimbing haughty mountaintopsCrass intent, a cracked reflection and a broken will to standYou cry for blood, veiledFrom half a world awayThey clamor words profaneHiding under namesA fount of blood and rageIn a fit so bitterCasting cursor stonesDo you know their centerDo you know your ownAs fervors risePainting with ire in your eyesViolently wailing*Off with the heads of pariahsAche for bane, abhor, stacking the pyresOff with the heads of pariahsArid for loathe and gore, vile and direFrom half a breath awayAmity is feignedCloser now the stakesWith intimate distainPlaster saints cause tears like the rainDo you know their dreamsCounting teeth with violent screams**Arid and loathingVile and stacking pyresAnd if you want gravesYou’ll have to dig yours tooPlaster saints veiled in rage cause tears like the rainAs your love became anesthetized and shamedA cracked reflection maimed, you cried for bloodAs fervors risePainting with ire in your eyesViolently wailing**Arid and loathingVile and stacking pyresAnd if you want theirsYou’ll have to take mine tooPlaster saints veiled in rage cause tears like the rain

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