Vitruvian Experience Day 3

Music Videos

By now you've likely seen at least one of our videos. We really enjoy creating them and think of them as an extention of the music. Today we'll talk about our recurring story with "The Voyager" and what goes into making the videos.

"We wanted this album to be the next evolution of the Veio sound."


Penumbra - Grief

Grief and sorrow are a major part of everyone's life whether we like it or not.  Being able to mourn and grow through anguishing experiences is not only a healthy outlet for emotion, but can also lead us into a better understanding of this life, this world, and this existence.  When we lose the people and things we love in this world, we grow to a realization that oftentimes those things are precisely what makes life worth living and so valuable.

Flare of Defiance Behind the Scenes

Each day we'll also feature a song that has already been released!

Crux - spirit, soul and perserverance

The Crux focuses on the perseverance of oneself through the ebbs and flows of life.  Finding who we really are as individual human beings is key to an intentional and happy existence.  Perseverance through any situation and seeing it through to its finish always brings about some form of satisfaction and reward and brings peace and victory to the heart and soul.

Crux - Lyrics

Refining emanation, observations cold

Illuminating fire, pale shades unfold

Til I once again find feeling within to shed my inert esse

Strike the wraith away

Show me I am more than shapes of who you see I am

Shell decaying

Elude and graze a reaching grave to die some other warm day

Circle rectangles in the earth

Cycle elucidation through my nerves

Vital primal native way

Submit my aura from shadow to flame

Circle, cycle, vital, primal shapes

Shades and shadows, pneuma in my veins

I can feel it in my veins

I can feel it


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