Vitruvian Experience Day 2

Centauri - awe and wonderment 

Centauri is a song about wonder.  People have long pondered and been in awe of our world and universe in both a physical and spiritual sense.  This song touches on the magnificence of our planet and beyond featuring themes of amazement, admiration, and fascination. 

"Centauri embodies everything we wanted to achieve with this album."


Centauri - Lyrics

Sculpted wonders

Black frontier

Casting hues

Through atmospheres

Over ridge lines

Round the river bend

Dance those that watch from darkness

As meteors descend

Here in the darkness, the cold of the night

Here in the stillness, the soul it ignites

My breath is shallow, my pulse it recites a poem of reverence

In my mind, in this vast space

A spell runs through me, wide-eyed, waiting 

*Centauri call in the night

High, the stars they are blistering white

Summits are hewn

Enraged, they reach for a smoldering moon

Deranged, the comets are mad and amused

Betrayed, the heavens will wither away

Lonely lonely, the firs in silhouette 

Holding hostage the sky like bayonets 

The hills alive, I am hardly alone

The wind is wise, a fluttering drone

The air is thick staring at the abyss

I watched a red crescent plummet to the sea

Lost in the sound, pacific mist engulfs me

In this immense space 

A spell runs through me, wide-eyed, waiting


Oh, the dark reflects

Grandeur in the shadows

Find introspect

The air will soon be burning

The sun will rise again

And I feel a glaring warmth in the shadows

Air soon burning

And I hear a blaring voice in the air glow

The sun will soon erupt again

A glaring warmth, a blaring voice

The sun will soon erupt again

Here in the darkness, the cold of the night

Here in the stillness, the soul it ignites

My breath is boundless, my pulse it revives 

And I, I stand here wide-eyed

Ascendancy - self-sovereignty

This song goes hand-in-hand with Flare of Defiance in terms of themes of rebellion against authority.  Oftentimes we feel like going against the grain of being told what to do in various circumstances.  Other times we go along with it to a degree, yet play by our own rules while dancing a fine line.  Sometimes we even have to play along so far as to changing our own directive a bit while still struggling to hold on to personal identity.  That is the encompassing emotion of Ascendancy.  

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