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We just released our brand new album Vitruvian and we want you to have it for free

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"Bright even during its heaviest moments, "Vitruvian" is a serene reprieve that fearlessly gazes upon a more beautiful world." - Sonic Perspectives

"We get that comparing a band to the highly revered Tool is sacrilege to many, but these boys deserve to be at least in the conversation for their mature and dynamic sound creations." -Matt Simon, Ear to the Ground Music Blog 

 "With comparisons being made to Tool and Thrice, it's a lot to live up to. I see it as a nod to Veio's genuineness and quality control for the music they put out there. Every new Veio song I hear lives up to expectations." - Todd McCarty (GM Fearless / VP Sales at Sony/Century Media) 

 "Veio are that unique combination of progressive, metal and alternative that produces a memorable style that few bands are able to achieve." - Roie Avin (Prog Report)